How to use EPSA Crop

  • Use the username demo and password demo.
  • Create a story, and add some nice pictures to it and you'd see a link that allow you manage crops.

thumbnail and large are used in the teaser and node displays

You'll be able to define the area cropped by imagecache for each preset.

If you have any problem or bug, you can report here

You can download module on here
EPSA Crop version used on this site : epsacrop-7.x-2.2

Looking for a Drupal 6 demo : check it out here

Who is using EPSACrop ?

We are glad if you are using our module, and for this, we want to show up here the websites who uses EPSACrop. So if you want appear in this list, please send me a Tweet @yvmarques


New members at forum






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